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iTunes 11.1.5
Windows users have long been awaiting a Windows version of iTunes and for good reason. iTunes is part of Apple's closed garden and users who are used to copy and paste songs and movies with a click of a mouse might resent the various constraints that the software has on the amount of devices and file types supported. But, the various advantages the software has make the disadvantages seem trivial.
The combination of a store and a player, will allow you to buy songs and movies (now in various languages) and instantly watch them on the player. If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you have probably already installed iTunes, but if not this software is worth considering.

Software Review

Apple's iTunes is without comparison among other media players, simply because of its sheer capacity to entertain in a wide variety of ways.

The latest iTunes 11 version offers remade features, interface and even coding. The combined iTunes store is remarkable as well. iTunes 11 has more cloud server compatible features, which enables syncing with Mac and iPhone systems. Recent minor updates provide improved performance in the mini player too.

Installation and Configuration
You can find various versions of iTunes to work with your specific computer system, but the latest version is always recommended. Windows and Mac users are able to use iTunes. The installation and program files are much larger than other media player files. The iTunes program will also take up quite a bit of memory while in operation. The application will make itself your default media player, unless you choose not to in the option box during installation.

When you first run the iTunes program, you are able to view tutorial videos explaining the available features. If you choose to share some personal details with the Apple systems, you can also get recommendations for albums and artists you might like.

The iTunes interface is much more simpler now than it was in its early stages. User-friendly and easy on the eye, the basic controls such as play and pause, fast forward, repeat etc are still available, while other more advanced controls include AirPlay (native Apple TV program) support and menus that toggle according to preference.

You can switch between music, movies and TV shows faster and through a drop down menu on the top left. A button on the right side allows switching between your library and the iTunes store. The iCloud icon next to the drop down indicates whether you're actively connected to the servers are not.

If you click on a displayed album, a panel drops down and you can view the tracks, timing, play options and album art. Sleekly designed, the panel changes color according to the currently playing album's cover.

Features and Tools
In addition to the main media player, iTunes has several noteworthy features and tools that come in handy at times. The mini player gives you the freedom to listen to all your favorite music while you work on other things in your computer. The improved mini player in iTunes 11 has a sleeker design, offering only song information unless you wish to view more by moving the cursor across the player window.

You no longer have to open the larger window to view upcoming music or add more to your playlist. The mini player also has a progress bar now, which means you can track how much of a song's minutes are left to play.

Up Next is a new feature in the latest release and offers you the chance to move and place your music according to preference. A clock icon allows you to see what you've already listened to in chronological order. This feature does not work with online radio, but is great for the music in your library. 

The iTunes store is perhaps the most well-known online music buying destination. Access to the store is available via the top right button on the iTunes application. 
iCloud offers syncing between your Apple devices, making any content purchased from iTunes and available on one device also available via all your other authorized devices. The most impressive feature within iCloud is that you can start a song or movie in one device and then pause it, simply to pick up where you left off from another synced device.



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Astro says:
  • Apple's products are always exciting in their design, even in the Windows version
  • Buying a song and instantly playing it, could not be more convenient
  • You can import playlists as if you have not changed players
  • Limited number of supported formats
  • There is no streaming service

Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users4098)
Ranking in Music Software: 1
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 134.00 Mb
Version: 11.1.5
Last updated: 28/2/2014
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, More...
Developer: Apple Inc.
Download count (English): 194,722
Download count (Worldwide): 618,837

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